While every endeavour is made to keep this gallery up to date, there may be artwork that has sold in the interim and new pieces to be added.   If you would like to know what pieces are currently available, please contact us direct through the ‘Contact us’ link below.

Primavera Series: Looking across at the hills through the abstract garden

Acrylic on canvas 120 cm x 120 cm 

The  Primavera series reveal the vegetation as Helen looks out the window of her art studio towards The Scenic Rim mountains. The narrative evolved by spontaneous paint application in a variety of colours and then painting out the background in blues, olive greens and mars black to reveal the mountains, the sky and grass.  The composition moves easily between the lushness of bright textures plants and cool tones of the undergrowth to the mountains in the background to create a stylised moody response to the natural landscape. 

Primavera Series: The WIld Garden

Acrylic on canvas 94 cm x94 cm Framed in black


Succulent gardens are addicitve

Acrylic on canvas 50 x 50 cm.

Who doesn’t love succulents?  Cheap to buy, easy to grow, don’t need much water and are easily transportable. Put them in rockeries, gardens, trendy pots, on the verandah, in the bathroom or the kitchen. They have such simplified shapes that are fun to draw, and the colour range is diverse. These plants reinforce a connection with my surrounds and link the way my home can create a sense of belonging and connection to nature around

Mangrove wonderland

Acrylic on canvas   92 x 92 cm( SOLD)


Rainforest kaleidescope

Acrylic on canvas.   94 x 94cm  Framed in white  ( SOLD)

Waiting for the fish to go by

Acrylic on canvas.  100 x 80 cm

Framed in beachy white wood grain     (SOLD)


Magical carpet ride

Acrylic on canvas.   102 x 78 cm

Primavera Series: On a clear day

Acrylic on canvas  94 x 94cm

Framed in white


Every garden needs a big old tree

Acrylic on canvas 92x 92 cm. Framed


On Helen’s property in The Lockyer Region is a 100 acre old dairy farm. There are some amazing big old trees in the paddocks that have stood the test of time and survived the tree cull when they were building Brisbane. She has put some of her orchids from her previous garden in them, in the hope that one day they’ll bloom and add some more colour and spectacle to match the wild blue flowers that came out in the grasses after the recent rain.

Garden view from the verandah

Acrylic on Canvas 122 x 61 cm”( SOLD)

‘Sitting back on our verandah appreciating the tropical garden that I had planted when we arrived in Burnett Heads, was one of my greatest pleasures. As the garden and trees grew over the years, it attracted the most amazing colourful, noisy birdlife and became a wonderous subject for my artwork. Our new property has no garden, and I’m juggling my love of painting with my need to try to recreate this garden paradise by planting all the cuttings and seeds I brought down- all the time battling tank water and a lack of rainfall.”

Close up of Rainforest Kaleidoscope

The secret garden

Acrylic on canvas.   50 x 50cm – framed in white

Rainforest fantasy

Acrylic on canvas.  76 x 51 cm

Primavera series:Take a deep breath

Mixed media on canvas

Framed in white 94 cm x 94 cm

At the edge of dusk in the garden

Acrylic on canvas 50 x50 cm  


Long summer evenings sitting out in the backyard under the trees is a magical time to relax and part of our way of life.  There are always still birds in the trees, cicadas hiding among the plants and of course mozzies buzzing! As the sun starts going down and night-time starts creeping in, the twilight of colours thrown on the natural surrounds is sublime.

Singing in the garden 2

Acrylic on canvas     50 x 50 cm

Happy dance in the garden

Acrylic on canvas. ( SOLD)  

94 x 94 cm – framed in white

Mountain view through the garden

Acrylic on canvas.   102 x 78 cm (SOLD)

Mangrove mayhem

Acrylic on canvas 94 x 94 cm ( SOLD)


Where's the sheep?

Acrylic on canvas 94 x 94 cm ( SOLD)